Frequently Asked

You can access it on the web for free

Only Health care professionals (doctors / Peds surgeons) upon signing up / registering and accepting “terms and conditions” can have access to this web portal.

  • Control Data Accessibility: Data will be only accessible by the intended person. No one even from internal team managing this portal will be able to access the data unless permission is provided.
  • Role Based Authentication: Role based authorization will be placed on every link in web portal so that only the authorized person can access and view the content of the page.
  • Security: No one (outside this collaboration network) will be able to enter the database VPC even if they have database credentials.
  • Data server location: Central Europe
  • Encryption: In case of any sensitive data, this will be encrypted and only our application will be able to decrypt it.

Healthcare professional would need to provide following information

  • Required: First name, last name, email address, password, country, Specialty area(s), Hospital
  • Optional: Short bio, date of birth, link to profiles (LinkedIn and other social media)

Only registered and verified healthcare professionals, and / or Admin (on behalf of healthcare professional) can post the medical case on this web portal.

Information (name, country, institutional email address, hospital name) provided during registration would be used to validate and verify the account. Only once an account is validated and verified then Healthcare professional can have full access to web portal.

  • Patient privacy is a priority and critical. Healthcare professional wanting to post medical case must remove identifying details related to patients.
  • Once a medical case is requested to post, Admin (assigned healthcare professional) performs 2nd review of each case to verify that all patient identifying information has been properly removed from it before it is shown on the web portal.

Other healthcare professionals having access to web portal can comment on the post, respond to the questions asked and offer their opinion.

Any healthcare professional can also flag any post or comment as “inappropriate” should it include any objectionable contact. Once post or comment is flagged, it would be removed immediately for review.