A Project Inspired by Personal Experience of Parents

Facilitating Cure For Rare or Complex Diseases

We facilitate better cures for people living with a Rare or Complex Disease by enabling health care professionals to connect, collaborate and learn from each other.


We provide digital platform to create dynamic collaborative networks of Western & Eastern Medical experts

  • To share, store and discuss complex or rare medical cases, to foster medical learning.
  • To enable online second medical opinion for rare or complex medical cases to improve the chances of successful outcome for patients.
  • To facilitate institute level collaborations (West – East) to improve the medical standards in Developing Countries.

Patient Privacy is critical to us

We do all possible to protect patient privacy and have implemented following

1) In built Patient Consent forms
2) Clear case posting guidelines and Ability to flag any inappropriate content

Access to this digital platform is FREE for medical professionals

Why We Care

We are a group of people who are linked in different ways due to these Rare Diseases. We want to capitalize on this energy, passion and value driven from personal life experiences to make meaningful difference in lives of people living with rare disease

This project is inspired by the personal experience of parents (originally from Pakistan but living in Belgium) where their son born with Anorectal malformations was medically treated very well by Prof Miserez (UZ Leuven Hospital). Parents in collaboration with Prof Miserez and APSP (association of pediatric surgeons of Pakistan) launched this initiative aiming to connect health care professionals to facilitate better diagnose and treatment outcomes for people living with Anorectal malformations and other rare disease.

Disease Areas

Initial focus is on Aneorectal Malformations and Hirschprung Diseases.

Journey So Far

Over the past few years, our platform has made significant strides in the field of rare disease diagnosis and treatment. Here are some of our achievements so far

Global Case Discussions

48 complex cases from 10 countries were discussed during 24 case discussion meetings.

Valuable Learning

99% of our attendees have found our platform to be a valuable learning opportunity.

Diagnostic Decision Making

97% of our case presenters have found it helpful to either get reconfirmation of an existing plan or consider alternate diagnostic options.

Medical Case Discussion

If you are interested in presenting a case, send us a Powerpoint presentation
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Upcoming Events

[16 Apr] Special CureforU J...
Event Time: April 16, 2024 at 04:00 PM

Special CureforU Joint Case Discussion with APSP Pakistan, AsaF & German Society of Pediatric Sur...
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In Collaboration With

APSP - Asociation of Pediatric Surgeons Pakistan


Afghanistan Association of Pediatric Surgeons


SOMA - Germany Patient and Parent Association for ARM, HD-HSCR and EC

AIMAR - Italian Association for Anorectal Malformations Patient Advocacy Non-Profit Organization

European Reference Network


ARM net

Big THANKS to our Advisors & Collaborators

Prof M Miserez

UZ Leuven Hospital


Past President of Belgian Association of Pediatric Surgery

Prof Dr M Arshad

Liaquat Hospital Karachi


President Eelect Association of Pediatric Surgeons Pakistan

Dr M Tareq Rahimi

French Medical Institute Kabul


President Afghanistan Association of Pediatric Surgeons

Prof M Saleem

Children Hospital Lahore


Past President Association of Pediatric Surgeons Pakistan

Prof Dr Ghulam Nabi

Al Nasir Hospital Quetta


President Select Association of Pediatric Surgeons Pakistan

Prof Inayat Ur Rahman

KT Hospital Peshawar


Past President Association of Pediatric Surgeons Pakistan

Prof Jamshed Akhtar

National Institute of Child Health Karachi



Dr Carlos A. Reck

Medical University Vienna


Member EU ARM Network, Co-founder Helping Hands for Anorectal Malformations

Dr Emre Divarci

Ege University Medical School Izmir


Member EU ARM Network

Prof Ibrahim Ulman

Ege University Medical School Izmir


Chairman Div. of Pediatric Urology

Prof Jochen Hubertus

Ruhr-University Bochum


Director, Department of Pediatric Surgery

Prof Holger Till

Medical University Graz


Chairman, Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery

Dr Eva Amerstorfer

Surgeon Medical University Graz


Co Chair ARM-net, Pediatric Surgeon Medical University Graz

Dr Mattias Schafer

Children's Clinic Nuremberg


Department of Pediatric Surgery and Pediatric Urology

Prof Alexandre Serra

University of ULM Medical Center


Lead Consultant Department of Pediatric Surgery

Prof Oliver Muensterer

LMU Munich Germany, Member ERN eUROGEN


Chairman Pediatric Surgery

Prof Paola Midrio

Ca Foncello Regional Hospital Treviso


Chief in Pediatric Surgery, Ex Chair ARM net

Prof Wout Feitz

Coordinator ERN eUROGEN

Dr Alessio Pini Prato

The Children Hospital Alessandria



Dr Marieke Witvliet

University Medical Center Utrecht


Pediatric Surgeon Specialized in ARM and HD, Member ARM net

Dr Stefan Rohleder

University Medical Center Mainz


Consultant Pediatric Surgeony, Member ARM net

Nicole Schwarzer

Chairwoman SOMA


German Patient and Parent Association for ARM, HD-HSCR and EC

Dr Anna Morandi

Consultant Pediatric Surgery


Chair ARM net

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We facilitate better cures for people living with a Rare or Complex Disease by enabling health care professionals to connect, collaborate and learn from each other.

Frequently Asked

You can access it on the web for free.

Only Health care professionals (doctors / Peds surgeons) upon signing up / registering and accepting “terms and conditions” can have access to this web portal.

Only registered and verified healthcare professionals, and / or Admin (on behalf of healthcare professional) can post the medical case on this web portal.

Information (name, country, institutional email address, hospital name) provided during registration would be used to validate and verify the account. Only once an account is validated and verified then Healthcare professional can have full access to web portal.